queen bees
This form is for ordering queen bees from Project Bee - Calgary
Payment for queens must be done in advance and using Bank Email transfer (Etransfer) . This enables us to track the payment and assist us to keep finances in order. Please use the email address brayment@projectbee.ca

Deadlines - We try to have the order deadlines as close as possible the delivery date so you can evaluate your colony conditions, and get the freshest queens possible. Please try to get the order in as early as possible so we can be prepared.
Please be prepared to pick up queens on the delivery date arranged. I cannot be responsible for the cost of a dead queen if you are late picking them up.
Please contact me if you find yourself in an emergency situation that requires a queen as we do get late changes in the orders. brayment@projectbee.ca or call 403.630.4848.

Please note - this form does not guarantee queen delivery - it functions as is a contact communication tool.