Feeding Bees

I have been using Ambrosia Bee Feed Paste extensively when raising nucs and for package bee development.

Ambrosia Bee Paste (Bienenfutterteig) is a commercial product from Germany. A product based on sugar and glucose syrup. It's a white to a yellowish paste of commercial quality without off-odours. Ambrosia Bee Feed Paste is a feedstuff dedicated to bees. It is especially recommended to use this product to bridge gaps in nectar supply and for early and late winter feeding.

It comes in 2.5 KG vacuum sealed bags - 5 in a carton - ($15 per bag $ $65 per carton FOB Calgary)

  • To stimulate the hive to grow use: 1 to 1 (1 kg of white sugar to 1 liter of water) It simulates nectar.
  • For preparation to overwinter the bees use: 2 to one (2 kg of white sugar to 1 liter of water)
  • For emergency early spring feeding use: Ambrosia or a block of hardened white sugar ( like a sugar cube )

I can provide this product for you. For pricing information Contact me either by email or by Phone (403)630-4848).

Below is a YouTube video that has an explanation of inverted sugar and what effects make this sugar bad for bees. The effect that HMF has on bees, and that it can cause ulcers in the gut. It just brings all the more appreciation for the cleverness of bees in their storing of sugar and keeping the temperature of their hives in check. Also, this video has the sugar recipe included.