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Produce and sell Hill Billy Honey

We sell Nucleus Honey Bee Colonies

We expedite Queen for the Calgary and District Beekeepers Association. We help others too.

Supply Apipasta enriched bee feed

Swam Catching and Removal

Nucleus Colonies for Sale

We will have a nucs for sale
Spring of 2022

Nuc Box
Four frame Nuc Box
Five Frame Nuc Box

Queen Bees

We are also selling Honey Bees Queens this year. Over the past 5 years, we have been ordering Queens from various Queen breeders for the good folks at the Calgary and District Beekeepers Association ( CDBA ) and others that need queens.  We do just in time ordering. I get deliveries during the week and beekeepers come by to pick them up the day they land in Calgary. Nice and fresh, direct from the breeder.

Queen Bees

Apipasta Bee Feed

Bees love it!!
Perfect for feeding Nucs and emergency feeding of over wintered colonies.
Come in a vacuum packed 1 kg sealed bag – 15 to a box.

Apipasta Protein

Custom Built Bee Keeping Supplies

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